Ovak Technologies provides a wide range of engineering services such as software engineering, hardware design, algorithm engineering, algorithm implementation and field test services for specific industry problems. The designs, prototypes and deployments are implemented using National Instruments’ graphical system design technologies. The highly experienced team has obtained an exclusive practical and theoretical knowledgebase mainly in oil industry. We have developed superior solutions that have already been successfully implemented. Many of our solutions are currently undergoing the process of field test at different oil stations in Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Oman, India, US and Canada.

We are a group of people that accept nothing less than 100% quality. We offer a relaxed work environment, good pay and benefits, access to world class training, working with lots of smart people and helping to change the world with leading edge hardware and real-time data software system design.

CSIA Certified Member

Yerevan, Armenia, 11 April, 2017 – Ovak Technologies has earned CSIA Certified status in the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) “Best Practices and Benchmarks” certification program.
Ovak Technologies earned the certification following a successful audit – administered by an independent consulting firm – that assessed its performance against client-centric criteria in a wide range of business, project management, and system development areas:
  • General Management
  • Financial Management
  • Project Management
  • Supporting Activities
  • Service and Support
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing, Business Development, and Sales Management
  • System Development Lifecycle
  • Quality Assurance Management
“CSIA Certification is the gold-seal mark of a professionally managed control system integration business,” says José Rivera, CSIA CEO. “Certification reassures clients that Ovak Technologies is an established professional services firm that wants to develop a successful, long-term partnership with clients.”
Robert Hovakimyan, president of Ovak Technologies adds, “The greatest value of CSIA certification is the knowledge and discipline acquired during the preparation. It is an endless process and certification is just a milestone.
Meeting CSIA criteria obviously makes the whole system integration process robust and actually impossible to fail.
CSIA criteria guarantee the high quality of services and products, as well as Customer satisfaction.
On the other hand, CSIA certification is the end level of absolute scale of excellence that gives strong competitive advantage.
Here at Ovak Technologies, each of us already knows the invaluable impact of CSIA criteria and we believe they will stay our satellites both for the company’s operation and for each employee’s professional career.”
About Ovak Technologies Ovak Technologies provides a wide range of engineering services such as software engineering, hardware design, algorithm engineering, algorithm implementation and field test services for Oil and Gas industry problems as well as for Complex Control Systems development and IIoT.
About CSIA The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) is a global non-profit professional association that seeks to advance the industry of control system integration for the success of members and their clients. For more information, visit

National Instruments Embedded Control Specialty Alliance Partner

National Instruments is a global leader in the automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software marketplace. As National Instruments Silver Alliance Partner, we have access to NI’s product and technology experts, ensuring we can solve even the most complex and challenging problems.
Ovak Technologies has been awarded with the NI Embedded Control Specialty designation. The specialty identifies Ovak Technologies with demonstrated architect-level proficiency with NI LabVIEW software and the LabVIEW Real-Time and the LabVIEW FPGA modules. The company also has proven success with a qualified number of embedded control and monitoring applications and has expertise in designing applications that require deterministic closed-loop control. In addition, Ovak Technologies specialists are skilled in using FPGA technologies, ensuring that designs are maximized for performance and reliability.
Currently only 15 companies worldwide honored to be a member of this group of partners.

Member of Industrial Automation Exchange by CSIA

The Industrial Automation Exchange, or “Exchange” for short, is the Control System Integrators Association’s new online community dedicated not only to the exchange of services and products around the world, but also the exchange of information and resources for the industrial automation industry.
The Exchange embodies what the CSIA stands for by being the center for integrators, industry suppliers, and clients to connect with one another, integrate new ideas, and improve as businesses together.